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Mixtape "Bits and Pieces" [Djane Ki]

Pink Floyd, Breathe
Autechre, Basscadet (Basscadoublemx)
G-File (Andrea Parker remix), Overtime
Acid Scout, Outro
Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire, The Russian
Count Basic, Speechless-remixed by Peter Kruder
Portishead, Mysterons
Cujo, The Sighting
Terranova, Sublime
Stereo MC’S, What is Soul
Depeche Mode, Useless
Roupe, Joe Baxi!
Boards of Canada, The beach at redpoint


Not That Calm [DJane Ki]

Designed mixtape, "Not That Calm" is the third down tempo story of a deluxe series.
Wrought by DJane Ki, 2022
Mastered and sponsored by Dj Bouto

01- FKY_Untitled [TNL]
02- Jimi Tenor_Kallio [Warp]
03- Radio Head_Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors [Not On Label]
04- Flying Lotus_Spicy Sammich [Warp]
05- Prefuse 73_The End of Biters-international [Warp]
06- Plaid_Coat [Warp]
07- Red Snapper_Some Kind of Kink [Warp]
08- Two Lone Swordsmen_Tiny Reminder No2 [Warp]
09- Ezekiel_Strange Days [Jarring Effects]
10- Rocker’s Hifi_Going Under- remixed by K&D [Studio !K7]
11- D’Arcangello_Manta [Rephlex]
12- Aphex Twin_Come To Daddy [Warp]
13- Funkstörung mit Jay Jay Johanson_I Want Some Fun [Studio !K7]
14- Aphex Twin_Windowlicker [Warp]
15- Two Lone Swordsmen_Brootle (Stimulant Remix) [Warp]
16- Autechre_Drane2 [Warp]