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brand new bastards, patch, live,audincourt

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LBA K7 [202] - Inge K

inge k

LBA is pleased to welcome : Inge TDK, or Inge K from Rotterdam Area has been DJing for many years and whilst her sound has changed from the breakcore and high BPM tekno of the free party scene to a more contemporary club techno speed, her skill and her selections have become more refined, focused, and ultimately impressive.
Once in the month she shares fresh mixes with new music on her sound- or mixcloud page and she's asked to do sereval dj mixes for radiostations. You can expect all kinds of styles as she is always looking for new vibes and tunes.

Tracklist :
Dadub - Ascetic Denial
Brand New Bastards - 1928
Scanner - Physics
Dadub - Alien to wholeness
Brand New Bastards - Grindstone
Dadub - Infinite Regresses
LDY OSC - Celestial seed
Palazzo's Monstrosity - Surturinae
Scanner - Come while ready
Scanner - Yellow Plains Under White Hot Blue Sky
Kujo - Sense Report
Lust - Llimbs
Scanner - Tunis

More Inge K here : https://soundcloud.com/inge-tdk
and there : www.mixcloud.com/inge-konings

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Louder than Silence #13

louder than silence

reservoir dub,verveine menthe,triceratops,mic&rob,maya dunietz,brand new bastards,famine sector,akai x eiki,arno riva,dj ki,alan,bouto + doory,sublogic,ingrid,franz heyer,myrh

Best of april 2021 feat :

René Bak / Laurence Barbier / Fred Daniel / Alex Darleux / Martial Daunis / Alberto de Angeli / Maya Dunietz / François Heyer / Ingrid / Vanessa Jeantrelle /Andrea Marinelli / mic / Myrh / Bruno Rinck / Arno Riva / rob / Robert

Compiled, mixed and produced by La Bande Adhésive (p) & (c) 2021 


Making of

brand new bastards, undergroud resistance, marseille

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Viscera remix [Brand new bastards]

viscera SC.jpg

The Viscera Rmx EP was released on september 2016 on After Affects records. This is the BnB unmastered version which had preceded the Rippa Dub Version of the EP. 
The original Viscera was written by Dimitri Mazurov in 2014 on the same label. Today it is remixed by artists like Enkephalin, Brand new Bastards, Monster X, Otam Noise, Max Greening, Dimitri Mazurov, Lokom, GROSSO GADGETTO, Wahn & Iroskin, Automat, Gildas Brugaro aka SRVTR, 6rme aka Yann Duchs.
Download full EP > http://afteraffectsrec.bandcamp.com/album/dimitri-mazurov...

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Disease Scratch [Brand new Bastards]

Disease Scratch on Discogs > https://www.discogs.com/Brand-New-Bastards-Disease-Scratc...

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Skill Heads coming out in DVD box [Brand new Bastards]


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Disease LBA #4 @ Le Noumatrouff

100 % chevalier,dj bouto,dj ki,mic&rob,brand new bastards,akai & eiki


Le collectif La Bande Adhésive revient secouer la nuit mulhousienne au Noumatrouff lors d'une soirée Disease LBA.

Le programme rassemble les membres actifs du collectif : Dj Bouto et Dj Ki, chacun en solo, puis en formule duo au sein des Brand new Bastards, un ciné-concert de mic&rob suivi d''un de leurs DJ sets mode vaudou, une performance de Akai et Eiki et un concert du guest band 100 % Chevalier (October Tone, Strasbourg).

En première à Mulhouse, mic&rob et Eiki présenteront  leur création audiovisuelle "Kinophrenia",  qui propose un mégamix de sons et d'images tiré des grands ( et petits ) films de séries B et Z des cinquante dernières années. Ce projet a été soutenu par la DRAC Alsace et la Ville de Strasbourg.

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Single "Until it gets real" [Brand new Bastards]

Composed, played live & recorded by BNB @ LBA Studio, Strasbourg, may 2015.

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Live : Disease LBA #3 [Akaï x Eïki, Brand new Bastards, LBA Mad Dogs, mic&rob]

Disease LBA#3 @ Noumatrouff par labandeadhesive

Recorded live on the 28-11-2014

Thanks to Sandrine B.

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