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LBA K7 [22-A]

Mixed at Bollwerk Disk in 1996,Mulhouse, Fr.

Keywords : Maurizio "Domina (Carl Craig's mind mix)", Publiq Space "Menuditis" [Underwater Records], Herbert "Deeper", Phono Records (UK), Teknotika records (Gary Martin's label), SWAG "A Game of Two Halves"...


LBA K7 [017]

LBA K7 [017-A].jpgMixed live during winter 1996-1997 @ Café du Théâtre, Belfort (F).

[00:00] Quadrant "Hyperprism" (Basic Channel)
[07:08] ???
[10:19] Function "F3" (Synewave Records - SW24)
[15:26] Nail "I am them" (Re-load Records)
[20:43] Billy Nightmare "Dance, Shake, Swing" (Sounds.014)
[23:52] Schatrax "First Heartbeat" (Schatrax Records)
[29:19] Rob Mello "Debut (No Ears dub)" (Sublevel)
[35:35] Gary Martin "???" (Teknotika Records)
[40:00] Jon Beltran "Soft Summer" (Peacefrog Records)


LBA K7 [049]

LBA K7 [049-A].jpgA-side / 1996 : listening session with friends, somewhere under an eastern roof.

Keywords : Octave One and Random Noise Generation on 430 West Records & Gary Martin productions on Teknotika Records.

B-side / 1994-1995 : south -> east France transition...

00:00 Juno Reactor "Jungle High" [Perfecto Fluoro]
06:06 Plank "With An Attitude" [Important records]
09:56 Acrid Abeyance ???
15:00 Plank "Excursion" [Important records]
20:06 Damon Wild & Tim Taylor "Bang the Acid" [Sinewave]
25:00 Drax (Thomas P. Heckmann) "Amphetamine"
27:25 Robert Armani "Road Tour (RMX)" [ACV Records]
30:10 Magenta (Cari Lekebush) "Boost!" [EXperimental]
32:55 Planet Gong "Driven" [Djax-up-beats]
37:07 ???
39:12 Dave Clarke "Red 3 / Thunder" [Bush]
42:00 Zzino vs. Accelerator ? [Re-load records]
44:05 Fascinating Rhythm "Square Fantasy" [+8 Records]